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Hey guys my name is Brian.
I'm co owner/operator of Climb Tacoma. I'd like to take a sec to give you all an update on our closure.

When we closed on the march 16th we hoped that we would be back to business as usual on April 1st. By Govenor Inslee's decree we must remain closed until at least April 8th. There seems to be a better chance that the date is going to be pushed to the end of April. Fingers crossed that we turn a corner with the spread of this epidemic by April 8th, in which case we will be open April 9th. We are ready and willing to reopen the second that State and Federal authorities say its safe to. We billed our eft members on March 15th, the day before we were forced to close. Those membership dues will be credited towards our next eft billing date once we are open again. To be very clear, you won't be billed again until after we open. Our members with prepaid memberships will have their membership end dates adjusted to reflect our closure. A new expiration date for your prepaid memberships will be assigned once we get open again. Same thing goes for our prepaid youth programs.

We greatly appreciate how few of our members have frozen or cancelled your memberships! Your membership dues is how we keep our staff and bills paid. To the members who have sent messages asking to keep their billing going while we are closed down, thank you. We aren't going to keep billing you, but the gesture is greatly appreciated. Speaking for myself and all the CT staff, we miss you guys. The Climb Tacoma community is one of the best things in my life and I miss it. You should know that we have continued to pay our staff during this closure. We may have to lay off our staff if this continues until the end of the month. I have every intention of retaining everyone currently on the Climb Tacoma team. As soon as we reopen, if I'm lucky, we will have everyone back in their usual positions.

Please stay inside. If not inside, please stay away from each other. Practice social distancing. Stay away from all of the climbing areas. The sooner we all get on this program, the sooner this will be over. We are living through this thing day to day, just like you are.

I will do my best to keep you all updated on a reopening date for Climb Tacoma. We will post any updates on our website and social media. Be safe and I hope to see you all soon.