Locally owned and operated by climbers
Gym Rates
New routes set every Monday by paid, professional route setters.
As of Feb 1st 2016 the City of Tacoma has raised the minimum wage and added mandatory paid sick leave for all employees. On January 1st 2017 the minimum wage will increase again. We were able to absorb the additional labor cost of the Feb. 1st wage increase without needing to raise our rates. The additional wage increase that will take place on January 1st however will force to raise our rates a nominal amount. We will be raising our eft membership rate to $45/plus tax on all eft memberships sold AFTER December 31st 2016. All of our current eft members will have no changes to their existing eft membership rates. When you sign up for an eft membership, as long as you keep your membership current, you will stay at that eft rate forever. FYI: We are more than happy to comply with all mandatory wage increases for our employees. Our staff rocks.
Day Pass
EFT Membership*
Student Day Pass**
1 Month Membership***
10 Visit Punch****
Shoe Rental
Chalkbag Rental

* No initiation fees. No freeze fees. No minimum contract length. No need for fine print. Just give us 30 days notice prior to the next billing date to cancel. EFT memberships are billed between the 15th-18th of the month depending if the 15th falls on a Sunday or holiday.
** Student day pass rate available to students with valid student ID.
*** 1 month membership is valid for 30 days from the date of purchase.
**** Punch cards never expire, they are transferable, but are non-refundable.

If you would like to cancel your EFT membership at ClimbTacoma you can come in or use our online cancel form.

All climbers must have a waiver on file. Save time by
filling out our online waiver now
before you go into the gym.

Climbing is dangerous. Climb within your limits.

Noon - 10pm
Noon - 10pm
Noon - 10pm
Noon - 10pm
Noon - 10pm
Noon - 7pm
Noon - 7pm


Summer is a great time to climb at Climb Tacoma. Bouldering is a fun, non-competitive sport that promotes self reliance and individual achievement while also being social by nature. It's a great way to get kids involved in physical activity and develop problem solving skills while also making friends. Our summer camps provide a fun, non-competitive environment to climb with other kids and progress in the sport.

  • Camps have three separate age groups: ages 6-8, 9-11, and 12-14. We have a maximum of 14 participants each week.
  • Camps run Monday through Thursday from 9am-12pm
  • We conduct camps every week from June 20th through September 1st, with the exception of July 4th-7th due to Independence Day
  • $200/per climber each week (M-Th)
Camp Dates
Ages 6-8 Ages 9-11 Ages 12-14
06.20.16 - 06.23.16
07.25.16 - 07.28.16
08.08.16 - 08.11.16
08.29.16 - 09.01.16
06.27.16 - 06.30.16
07.11.16 - 07.14.16
08.01.16 - 08.04.16
08.22.16 - 08.25.16
07.18.16 - 07.21.16
08.15.16 - 08.18.16

Climb Tacoma Sessions
Climb Tacoma Sessions focus on helping adults reach their full climbing potential. Come and get your train on and have a good time! All levels welcome.

Adult Team meets on Thursdays from 7 pm to 8 pm. The cost is $15 plus tax per session and includes rentals.

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Introduction to Bouldering
This one-hour class will cover the following topics:
  • Basic climbing techniques
  • Basic spotting techniques
  • The grading system, including the Climb Tacoma circuit system and what it all means
*minimum sign up of 2 participants needed for class to occur
$25 plus sales tax per member | $35 plus sales tax non-members
Tuesdays 6:30-7:30pm
Private Instruction
Take your climbing to new heights with our personalized training. For all ages and all abilities. We can adjust this program to fit your needs!

$35/hour plus sales tax per member | $45 plus sales tax non-members or
5 sessions $150 plus sales tax per member | $175 plus sales tax non-members
Ladies Night
$10 plus sales tax Day Passes and Rentals after 6:30pm!
Mondays 6:30-10pm
Junior Program
Ages 8-14

Enjoy learning the fundamentals of climbing with our professional instructors. Play fun climbing games, relays, and activities during Junior Program. Junior Program is a great way for you to challenge yourself as well as develop problem-solving skills in a non-competitive environment.

12 Participants Maximum

Option A - Mondays and Wednesdays 4:30-6:30pm
$120/month plus sales tax includes gym membership

Option B - Mondays OR Wednesdays 4:30-6:30pm
$65/month plus sales tax includes gym membership

Please email any questions to our Jr Program coordinator
Stefanie Myr, stefanie@climbtacoma.com
Climb Tacoma Climbing Team
Ages 8-17

For intermediate to advanced climbers. Train with our professional instructors for competitions while building your climbing skills. Climb Tacoma Team meets for 3 hours 2 or 3 times per week. Must have approval from coach.

Tues, Thur, Fri 4-7 pm
$120/month plus sales tax includes gym membership

Please email any questions to our Climbing Team head coach
Jana Moore, jana@climbtacoma.com

Parties & Gym Rental

Climbing Parties
Climb Tacoma can entertain groups of almost any size. Climbing parties at Climb Tacoma are an exciting and unique experience that your participants will never forget and are for all ages and abilities. We make it easy and fun by providing the climbing, all necessary rental equipment, staff and party room.

  • We schedule parties on Saturdays and Sundays in two different time slots. You have the choice of 12:30 - 2:30 pm or 3 pm - 5 pm.
  • Party rates are $15 plus sales tax per climber. Party rate includes rental gear, party room and ONE Climb Tacoma staff instructor/belayer (7:1 climber to staff ratio recommended). Additional Climb Tacoma instructors is a $25 plus sales tax per staff flat fee.
  • A 50% Non-refundable deposit is due upon registration. We can not reserve spots until the deposit is paid. The deposit is only transferable with 14 days notice.
  • Parties must have a minimum of four people. Initial estimates may be increased with fourteen days notice, but if the number is decreased on the event day, the party will be charged for 80% of the initial estimate.

Gym Rental
Enjoy the privacy of having Climb Tacoma all to yourself! Climb Tacoma can be rented out after hours on Saturday and Sundays from 7 pm - 9 pm. You can have up 100 climbers, all rentals included, and ONE Climb Tacoma staff members for two hours.

  • The gym rental is $150 and $10/per climber. Additional Climb Tacoma staff members can be provided for an additional flat rate of $25 per instructor. A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to schedule.