Hello climb Tacoma community,
Here are our plans for a limited reopening. We don't seem to be progressing into phase 3 anytime soon and have been hoping to wait until phase 3 to allow for a more unrestricted use of Climb Tacoma. Phase 2 allows for extremely limited access, but at this point we are willing to deal with it in order to resume serving our community. We plan on reopening August 14th, online reservations will be available starting Aug 12th.

In order to comply with the restricted access allowed, we will be taking online climbing reservations for preset time slots of 2 hours.

Details for Climb Tacoma access: If you are a current EFT Member and would like to resume billing/unfreeze your membership, you must request your membership to be unfrozen.

We have applied a credit to everyone's membership for those who were billed March 15th, and every prepaid membership that has expired while we have been closed.

Our eft members who would like their memberships to remain frozen do not need to take any actions. Your memberships will remain frozen until you are ready to come back to Climb Tacoma.
We miss our community and look forward to seeing you guys again! That being said, we ask that you respect the personal space of our employees while in the gym. Please respect their safety by maintaining social distancing.

The conditions in which we are allowed to operate as a business are changing almost daily. We will do our best to keep our community informed of any changes to access. Your patience is greatly appreciated and feedback is always welcomed.

Climb Tacoma Crew